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Stand: M15

Type of opportunity offered

> Immediate Vacancies

> Graduate Schemes 2018- 2019

> Postgraduate study/ professional training


Sector offered

> IT and Technology > Management and business
> Management consulting  

Visa assistance not offered


About The Information Lab

Over the last five years, the team at The Information Lab has trained thousands of people to use Tableau and Alteryx. Our team includes 16 Tableau certified trainers, three Tableau Zen Masters and one Alteryx Ace – all people who regularly spend time helping others learn these great technologies. Whilst we’ve been developing this training capability, we have watched Tableau and Alteryx achieve spectacular growth – Tableau had less than 100 staff globally when we first partnered with them and today they have over 2000.

As Tableau and Alteryx have been growing fast, the largest companies in the UK have been adopting these technologies for increasingly ambitious projects – ambitious in both scale and complexity.

As a partner of both Tableau and Alteryx, a key role is to help ensure this momentum continues. The Information Lab is playing a part in this by using our training experience to create the next generation of great data analysts.

The Data School opened in June 2015 and is taking applications throughout the year, from prospective students looking to embark on a career in data. We have four new cohorts starting each year.

We provide four months of focussed training from some of the best trainers in the world, led by our head coach Andy Kriebel, in order to give students a deep understanding of how to store, manage, prepare and visualise data.

Once trained, graduates of the Data School are available for industry placements at clients using Tableau & Alteryx. A new class of consultants are available each February, June and October.


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