Teach First


 Stand: B53

Type of opportunity offered

> Graduate Schemes 2017- 2018

> Postgraduate study/Professional training


Sector offered

> Teaching  


About Teach First

If you’re looking for a challenge - one where you can use your intelligence and personality to help solve one of the country’s biggest problems - Teach First has a unique opportunity for you.

The link between how well you do at school and in life and how much your family earns is stronger in the UK than almost anywhere in the developed world. We’re changing this and you can too.

Young people in low-income communities need leaders to bring out the best in them. We support exceptional people like you to become leaders through our two-year Leadership Development Programme in schools across the country.

You’ll gain a fully-funded Postgraduate Diploma, worth double the credits of a PGCE, and coaching to develop your leadership qualities. If you can inspire in the classroom, you can bring resilience, efficiency and imagination to any environment, wherever your career takes you.

More than 10,000 people have joined our programme so far. Many have remained in the classroom, many others are in leadership roles across all sectors of the economy. What they share is a belief that every child should have equal opportunities, and their contribution towards this goal.

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