Presentation Programme - June 2018 (Stay tuned for October 2018)

To celebrate 150 years since women first had access to University Education we are running a Leading Women stream of talks by and about inspirational women in the workplace

> Speaker

Meet Distie
As a senior executive of marketing, communications and sales support organizations, Distie Profit leads multiple teams around the world in supporting a company ambition to see a world without medical error.

Dedicated to making health care better, Distie impacts the future of Cerner by creating strategies and campaigns to ensure the company’s unique story resonates across the sales process in order to advance business development and elevate client relationships - both in current Cerner markets and for new market entry. Distie’s expertise lies in creating and leading new teams, managing large transition projects and mentoring individuals for growth and to be their best selves.

Leadership experience
Joining Cerner in 2005, Distie led teams with executive engagement responsibilities including delivering strategic content to C-level clients around the world and establishing and advocating Cerner’s health care policy position across federal, state and industry.

Distie moved to London in 2008 to establish and lead the development of direct client engagement. This led to the creation of a 24,000-square foot meeting and experience space called the Collaboration Centre, as well as a client reference program for Europe.

Prior to joining Cerner, Distie worked for the U.S. Government in both the White House and Department of Homeland Security, which gave her a deep understanding of working within complex organizations.

Distie has a Bachelor of Science in political science and communications from Simpson College and a Masters in Campaign Management from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.
With a passion for women’s role in business, Distie serves as a mentor for emerging female leaders. She is also a member of the First-Hand Foundation UK committee

Meet Wendy
As the Director of the European Sales Alignment Organisation, Wendy Marshall oversees client engagement strategies across the UK & Ireland, the Nordic countries and the Netherlands.

Being positioned within Cerner's Sales Organisation, Wendy and her teams operate at the frontline, often being a client’s first experience of Cerner. A primary aspect of her role, therefore, is to ensure that her teams deliver high quality client presentations and communications that reflect their industry expertise and knowledge of Cerner’s solutions.

Wendy qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1989, subsequently working within the NHS as a Ward Manager in a variety of specialties. Always keen to embark on new challenges, Wendy supported the implementation of Choose & Book at her NHS Trust, which started her career in HCIT. 

> Synopsis

Advice we’d give to our younger selves

Time is a beautiful thing. As it goes on, one is able to try new things, add to the list of  life’s experiences and grow in a career. Time also allows us the opportunity to reflect and become aware of all the things we thought we knew and how much more there is to learn.  Hear from Wendy Marshall, a nurse by training and now an executive sales leader in a male dominated industry, and Distie Profit a former White House staffer and executive leader of marketing and sales.  Wendy and Distie will talk about lessons from the doors they opened; sharing the career ladder with others in order to create successful teams and breaking the infamous glass ceiling. 



> Speaker:

Dr Bissan Al-Lazikani is Head of Data Science at the Institute of Cancer Research. There she leads the Big Data efforts to tackle key problems in Cancer drug discovery and Cancer therapy.

Bissan led the development of integrative computational approaches to inform drug discovery that are now internationally adopted and provided to the community via the canSAR knowledgebase. She applies data science and machine learning approached to the discovery of novel therapies and adapting treatment to patients. 

Bissan has a B.Sc (Hons) in Molecular Biology from University College London, an M.Sc in Computer Science from Imperial College and a PhD in Computational Biology from Cambridge University. 

Bissan has worked on drug discovery and personalised medicine both in academia and industry. 


> Synopsis

Biology and computing, academia and industry: Crossing the boundaries in the fight against cancer.

This talk will address Dr Bissan Al-Lazikani's background and education, the benefits of learning and working on both sides of the Atlantic, and having both academic and industrial experience, as well as how a woman can succeed in a male-dominated field.  

> About The Institute of Cancer Research, London

The Institute of Cancer Research, London, is one of the world's most influential cancer research organisations. 

Scientists and clinicians at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) are working every day to make a real impact on cancer patients' lives. Through its unique partnership with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and 'bench-to-bedside' approach, the ICR is able to create and deliver results in a way that other institutions cannot. Together the two organisations are rated in the top four centres for cancer research and treatment globally. 

The ICR has an outstanding record of achievement dating back more than 100 years. It provided the first convincing evidence that DNA damage is the basic cause of cancer, laying the foundation for the now universally accepted idea that cancer is a genetic disease. Today it is a world leader at identifying cancer-related genes and discovering new targeted drugs for personalised cancer treatment. 

A college of the University of London, the ICR is the UK's top-ranked academic institution for research quality, and provides postgraduate higher education of international distinction. It has charitable status and relies on support from partner organisations, charities and the general public. 

The ICR's mission is to make the discoveries that defeat cancer. For more information visit


> Speaker:

Alison Pickup is Legal Director of the Public Law Project. She is an employed barrister and before joining PLP was in private practice at Doughty Street Chambers in London for 9 years, where she undertook pupillage and then practiced as a barrister with a claimant-focused public law practice, acting predominantly in cases involving migrants’ rights. Alison remains an associate tenant of Doughty Street Chambers. She was awarded the Legal Aid Barrister of the Year Award by the Legal Aid Practitioners Group in 2016 and was also Chambers and Partners Public Law and Human Rights junior of the year the same year. Alison studied French and Hungarian at the University of Cambridge before undertaking her MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies in the University of London.  



> Synopsis

In this talk Alison will discuss: her route into law, why she became a barrister, the challenges she faced as well as some highlights of her career at the Bar, and why she decided to join Public Law Project. 

> About Public Law Project

The Public Law Project is a national legal charity founded in 1990 with the aim of improving access to public law remedies for the disadvantaged. Since its inception PLP has played an active role in the development of the law, and has helped other lawyers and advice agencies to use public law principles and redress mechanisms to help many of the most vulnerable in society. Our work has resulted not only in the direct enforcement of individual rights but also in wider improvements in access to justice. We have recently published an impact report detailing key achievements for the period 2012-2016. That is available here:


> Speaker:

Julie Devonshire is the Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at King’s College London supporting students, alumni and staff to learn entrepreneurial skills, have entrepreneurial experiences and, perhaps, start a venture of their own.

King’s College London engages an audience of +10,000 in entrepreneurship annually, helping to start and scale +30 ventures each year in health, technology, culture and many other areas.

Before joining King’s Julie was the Director of Ventures at UnLtd supporting exceptional, early stage social entrepreneurs across the country to scale and to raise investment. Julie and her team delivered support in partnership with the Big Lottery Fund, the Cabinet Office, Santander, Coutts and many others.

Julie is an award-winning social entrepreneur and business-scaling expert; she scaled One Water, a range of bottled mineral water donating 100% of it’s profits to build water pumps in Africa. During Julie’s time with One Water, the business grew from £0 profits to £8.2m, donated to build hundreds of water pumps across sub-Saharan Africa.

Julie is an ACCA fellow who is passionate about early-stage entrepreneurs. In 2016 Julie was awarded an OBE, in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours List, for her service to entrepreneurship.



       > Synopsis:

In this session we will hear first from Julie Devonshire OBE, Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at King’s College London who give us an insight into her career and how she became an award-winning social entrepreneur before going on to support students, staff and alumni at King’s to obtain entrepreneurial skills and start ventures of their own.

We will look at what it means to be entrepreneurial – can it be learnt or are you born an entrepreneur? We will also discuss some of the best and worst things about working in entrepreneurial businesses and provide some top tips for anyone thinking of working for themselves.

Then we will hear from Marie Cudennec, CEO and Co-founder of Goldfinger Factory, an award-winning and sustainable design and build social enterprise. Marie left her career in the corporate world to run Goldfinger Factory in order to pursue a path with more purpose, so we will be asking her what is a social entrepreneur, what is a social venture and can you really make change happen?


> Facilitator: 

Clare McSheaffrey, Head of Marketing and Events at CoSector - University of London.

After a career spanning some 15 years in both the private and public sector organising events, Clare joined the University of London in 2006 where she managed the team running graduate fairs, postgraduate study fairs and open days. In 2017 she took over the role of Head of Marketing and Events at CoSector – University of London, looking after the strategic leadership and development of services provided by marketing and events to support all of CoSector’s business units.

> Speaker: 

Marie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a marketing and operations background, who left a career in the luxury goods industry to pursue a path with more purpose, having previously worked for LVMH, Richemont and Estée Lauder. 

In 2013, Marie co-founded Goldfinger Factory, a social enterprise which designs and fabricates furniture from reclaimed materials sourced from retail, hospitality and construction businesses and provides a platform for young creatives to become self-sustaining through craft.

Goldfinger Factory aims to fill a gap in the market for a design-led solution to reusing materials whilst providing training and employment to young people. Having incubated 20 individuals to successfully start their own creative businesses and diverted over 400 tonnes of material from landfill to date, Goldfinger Factory has gained huge momentum with clients like John Lewis, Tom Dixon, GAIL's Artisan Bakery, Leon and Hermès as key partners in their growth strategy. 

Marie is now fully in charge of taking Goldfinger Factory in its next phase of growth. In her spare time, Marie can be found on her yoga mat or cooking up a storm in her kitchen.


General Careers Advice talks

> Synopsis

Explore Learning came 2nd in the Sunday Times Top 25 companies to work for in the U.K. They receive over 3000 applications every year for their Graduate role, and hold over 700 face to face interviews annually. As experts in their field, hear from one of their recruitment managers about top tips to make the best first impression and how to ace that all important face to face interview.

> Speaker:

Kim Williams is a Graduate Recruitment Manager responsible for managing the candidate journey.


> Synopsis: 

Writing a concise, clear personal statement which shows how your capabilities and personality are directly suited to the role you're applying for is critical.  So why do so many applicants get this part of the application wrong?  Come along to this workshop to learn key points and tips for writing a personal statement which has impact, avoids common mistakes and will make you stand out for all the right reasons. 

> Speaker:

Sophie Carr, Project Manager, Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship Scheme




> Synopsis: 

There are hundreds of graduate opportunities out there, with an increasing number using video interviews as a tool for selection. The Frontline Leadership Development Programme is no exception, assessing hundreds of video interviews each year.

Frontline repeatedly notice that students often feel unprepared to perform at their best during this stage, often having had little, if any, guidance or experience of completing an exceptional video interview. This workshop will be delivered by an experienced Frontline Recruitment Officer, and is designed to help prepare you for any video interview you go on to complete. Using examples from their own recruitment process, this session will give you the chance to explore what makes a video interview exceptional, and the chance to view and give feedback on a typical video interview response.

> Speaker

Madeleine Auer, Recruitment Officer


> Synopsis:

Come along to find out more about what makes a great CV and how you can stand out from the crowd. This will be a great opportunity to get some advice and take part in some activity to ensure you can excel in the first part of the graduate application process.

> Speaker:

Megan Slaney – Graduate Recruitment and University Partnerships Consultant



Exhibitor talks - stay tuned for more talks to be added

> Synopsis:

Why are there so few women in the Tech and Security sectors? Why you should apply for a Tech/Security role and what you should look for in your first graduate role.


> Speaker:  

Sarah Craddock, Data Analytics/Security Consultant

Sarah has been a Data Analytics/Security Consultant for nearly two years. After graduating with a Chemistry Masters she joined RiverSafe, a small and rapidly growing Security Consultancy company and has already had the opportunity to work with several large blue chip companies in Retail, Insurance, Oil and Gas and Telecoms. Sarah was recently awarded the “Rising Star” award by RiverSafe.

> Synopsis

The X4 Group is currently the fastest growing multi-sector recruitment agency in the UK and has recently been voted in the top 100 Fast Track companies and 25th Best Company to work for in The Sunday Times Top 100 List.

We pride ourselves on having built a unique and award-winning company culture that our purpose, values and work ethic are the foundation of. 

Come and find out more from the Internal Recruitment team about X4 Group and the opportunities we have to offer graduates as Trainee Recruitment Consultants in our London Head Office.


> Speakers: 

Natalie Smith – Internal recruiter


> Synopsis:

We believe in a world without medical error, in order to reduce sickness and improve health within our communities. In a complex world, error can come from a lack of information, communication, research or genetic information – and it’s preventable. If you’re out to change the world in ways that matter, you’re in the right place. Come to meet us to explore our extensive professional areas, resources and opportunities, and discover how you can make all the difference in the lives of others.

> Speaker:

Maria Tran, Senior Recruiting Partner, Europe

Maria hails from Copenhagen, Denmark, but has been working and living in London, UK, for many years. Maria started her career with Cerner France in 2009 as an Executive Assistant to the Cerner EMEA VP, before she made the move to Cerner Limited in late 2012, to work on new market entry in the Nordics, covering marketing, events and bid management. She joined the Cerner European Recruiting Team in late 2014, and has recruited for various countries such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Romania, Sweden, Norway and Austria.

LinkedIn Profile

> Synopsis

Not sure where your maths or statistics degree can take you in the work place?  Come along to find out more about the wide variety of careers open to those who can solve puzzles, structure problems, analyse data and enjoy working in mathematics.

> Speaker:

Sophie is the owner and founder of Bays Consulting Ltd, a SME providing data analysis and mathematical modelling to support business decisions.  Having studied aeronautical engineering and a masters in fluid mechanics, Sophie’s first job sparked an unending interest in probability which led to a Phd in Bayesian Belief Networks. During her career, Sophie has combined her maths and engineering skills on a wide range of fun and interesting projects across industries.  A keen mathematician, Sophie enjoys nothing more than solving a puzzle by finding an elegant pattern.